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Hi lovelies! My name is Ashley Paige. I am a Texas-born, Actress, Dancer, Model, Fashion Blogger & YouTuber.
I always have had a love for beauty and fashion so with inspiration from other bloggers over the years I decided to make this my place to share my love with all of you!
Shortly after starting my blog I started my YouTube channel - imashleyhello, which has gone from not only being a place where I can share some of my favorite hair tricks & fashion pieces, but also as a new place to share some of my short-films and upcoming projects! 

Whether you are here from my YouTube, other social media or are just finding my blog for the first time and have no idea who I am..Welcome! 


Q. How do you do your hair & makeup? 

A: I have lots of tutorials on my YouTube channel on how I achieve my everyday makeup & many of my different hairstyles! Check it out HERE 

Q. What camera's/equipment do you use?

A. For my fashion posts I use a Canon t5i or my iPhone 6 & usually edit it in 'VSCO cam' or 'A Color Story'.
For my YouTube I use the Canon t5i, an umbrella light & use Final Cut Pro to edit my videos.

Q. How do you keep your hair so long & healthy?

A. Easiest answer... NO HEAT! There are plenty of heatless hairstyles that I use every single day to avoid heat. I will be making a full video on my full hair care routine in the future, but that is my biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to grow their hair out & keep it healthy!