My Week in OKC

Really pretty bridge going into Bricktown

(Mother of all nachos)

 This week some of the other teachers from the studio that I work at & I attended the OCU Dance Teacher Convention in Oklahoma City. It was a ton of fun and I loved getting to take classes from so many different talented teachers & choreographers! Besides getting to observe & take dance classes, we also got to learn about a lot of the backstage and behind the scenes action and creative ways to use different elements of everything that goes into making a dance. 

Besides the first night (when we just ordered pizza to our room) we went out into the city to eat and explore. The second night we went and ate some mexican food (notice the large pile of nachos ^^ haha) and took some cute pictures under the bridge going into Bricktown. ALSO can I just express my love for the store Pinkitzel?? This was the CUTEST store I think I've ever been in. Everything was black, white & hot pink and the cupcakes were AMAZING! They also had two of the cutest little party rooms, which if I were in my younger years you best believe I would've had a birthday party or two there! 

The last night, Thursday, we got a little more dressed up and out of our dance clothes and went to the Cheesecake Factory. Love me some fettuchini alfredo! Afterwards we walked over to the mall which was right next to it and went to Forever21, where I got my hat in the last photo & some socks that look like they hopped out of an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

Overall it was a great week & I'm really excited for this year and all the memories I know are going to be made! 

with love,