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Falling For You

It's that time of year again when not only do I wear mostly plaid, but I also wear all my skirts and dresses. Oddly enough, the fall/winter time is when I like to wear skirts/dresses the most?? Probably because I get to layer them more. Sweaters and tights are my favorite!

I've recently gotten back into my swing of reading again. Right now I am reading 'The Shining'. Appropriate for this time of year I thought. I've seen the movie a couple times, but have never read the book so I thought I would do that. I actually just got done reading "Doctor Sleep" which is a sequel to The Shining and I enjoyed it a lot. (Readers discretion advised, since it is a dark book.) I thought I would start sharing here with my outfit posts my recent reads for anyone who is interested and also could swap book recommendations!
Who are some of your favorite authors, or a book that you've read/are currently reading that you would recommend? I would love to hear in the comment…

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