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Orange You Groovy

Hey lovelies! I feel like it's been a good minute since I did a fashion post. I've been loving branching out and sharing more of my adventures and beauty tips with you guys. But of course I always want to continue to share one of my biggest passions, which is fashion! I decided that 2018 was really going to be the year I am more bold, creative and colorful with my looks. So be prepared to see lots and lots of colors!
The center of todays outfit is this AMAZING vintage top from 1973 or 74 I believe? It's from one of my favorite antique shops Belle Starr Antiques. It's super fun and colorful and I just fell in love with it once I saw it! Actually, once I walked in the building, Beth the owner, told me there was a bunch of cute clothes they just got in that I needed to go check out because she knew I would love them. And well... She was right! Haha she knows me very well at this point, I'm in there all the time!

Another thing I'm wanting to do more this year, alo…

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